Boddy Bones

The Best Dominoes Game for iPhone

Welcome to Buddy Bones, the first turn-based dominoes app that allows you to play against your buddies. Buddy Bones was designed to bring that same sense of camaraderie and competition once found around kitchen and park bench tables, to your favorite Apple mobile device.    


Buddy Bones is played with a double-six set of dominoes, or BONES, as we like to call it. The object of the game is to reach 200 points before your Buddy.

Initial Hand – there are 28 bones; each Buddy is dealt 7 random bones to begin the game. The remaining 14 bones stay in the BONEYARD to be drawn upon as needed.

First Move – The player who holds the highest double (6:6, 5:5) makes first move. If no player has a double, the person with the highest PIP count (6:5, 6:4) begins the game. This piece begins the LINE OF PLAY.

Game Play – Buddies alternately extend the line of play by connecting bones that have matching values on their ends. The first double played is known as the SPINNER and can be played on all 4 sides, causing the line of play to branch out. If a player does not have any matching pieces, they must draw additional bones from the BONEYARD until they receive a playable piece or until the BONEYARD is empty, in which case that player is forced to KNOCK (pass).

Ending a Hand – a hand ends either when a player DOMINO'S! (gets rid of all their bones) or when the game is LOCKED (neither player can make a move and Boneyard is empty).

Subsequent Hands – Buddies redraw 7 bones and the player who Domino'd! is in control of the board and begins the new hand, able to play ANY of their bones, double or not. If prior hand ended in a locked game, the player who held the lowest pip count gets to begin the new hand.

Scoring – when the ends of the line of play add up to a multiple of five, the player scores that amount of points. Examples below:

You can also score points if you Domino!, in which case, the player receives points based on the # of pips opponent still holds (rounded to the nearest 5).

If a game is locked, player holding the least pips scores points based on the # of pips opponent holds, minus the # of pips player holds (final point total is then rounded to nearest 5).


BONES – domino tiles.

BONEYARD – holds the undrawn bones.

DOMINO! – first player to finish their hand.

KNOCK – passing on your turn when you have no playable bones and the boneyard is empty.

LINE OF PLAY – the configuration of played bones on the table. At any given time, there may be 2, 3 or 4 open ends. The ends of a double do not count toward the point value as soon as more than one side of the double has been played.

LOCKED – game is locked when boneyard is empty and neither player can make a move.

PIPS – dots on the bone displaying value (each bone has 2 values separated by a line down the middle).

SPINNER – first double played (per hand), playable on all 4 sides.

  • = 15 Points
  • = 5 Points
  • = 10 Points
  • = 10 Points